Luisa, daughter of Xicotencatl (the Elder), Señor de Tizatlán, was born in Tlaxcala Mexico during the time of the Aztec empire of Moctezuma II. Originally her name was Tecuelhuatzín. When the Spanish conquerors arrived at Tlaxcala in 1521, her father Xicotencatl presented her to Hernán Cortéz with gold and an army of natives. Cortéz gave her to Captain Pedro de Alvarado and she was baptized and given the name Luisa. She became Pedro de Alvarado’s faithful companion and their armies marched together on the expeditions throughout Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. A son, Pedro, was born to them in Mexico and died during infancy. Their daughter, Leonor (named in honor of Alvarado’s mother) was born in Guatemala on March 3, 1524. They resided in a beautiful home on East Fourth Street. It was there that doña Luisa died in 1536 and was later buried in the Cathedral of Santiago, ( Cathedral San José ) La Antigua Guatemala.